Upcoming Artists

July 18th 2015

Hello upcoming artists!

While you are climbing up the stairs towards success we know that it can be a struggle to get your music video off the ground, and that is why we would like to help give you a leg up. We will be awarding an opportunity to make a music video for free.

In order to be successful you need to have qualified and successful team by your side. You need service and guidance you can trust. We have had the chance to observe and/or participate in an upward spiral from nothing to success.

We have supplied the gear, participated as filmmakers and craftsmen at every level, producing, writing, directing, filming. We have learned what it takes to build a vision, tell a story and execute on that vision. In today's day and age a music video can make your audiences spirits soar. And ultimately your music video will help you to connect with and expand your audience like never before.

We will work with you to light your project on fire, to help it become the next world wide sensation. And for the chosen artist, we will provide the opportunity to record a FREE video with us using the same top of the line equipment used to shoot the hottest videos. During the months of August and September we are asking for you to contact us in order to compete for this opportunity. Contact us at info@intrepidcamera.com. Opportunities for free or reduced cost music video:

1st Prize is 100% off a music video shoot.* 2nd Prize is 50% off a music video shoot.* 3rd prize is 25% off a music video shoot.*

Please send us as much info about you as you have as well as your music for review via email at info@intrepidcamera.com. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

August 25th 2015 Due to interest in our Upcoming Artist promotion, we would like to ask you to please be patient if we do not respond immediately. We have many interesting bands and singers to listen to as we are collecting all of your information and evaluating it. We are very eager to hear all of your work and looking forward to talking to you and listening to you live soon.


1. BASIC - Price $5500 (included 1 day on location shoot, use of RED camera, lighting equipment, 20 hours of editing, 5 hours of special effects)

2. ADVANCED - PRICE $7900 (included 1 + 1 more day of shooting on another location)

3. PREMIUM - Custom pricing as agreed with the Artist and based on mutually agreed upon requirements (includes 1 & 2 +10 more hours of editing and 5 more hours of special effects, hairdresser, make up, 5 extras)

4. VIP - Custom pricing as agreed with the Artist and based on mutually agreed upon requirements (included 1, 2, 3 + 1 more day of shooting, 10 more hours (total of 40), 10 more hours of special effects (total of 20), full organization of the shoot, stylist, driver, personal assistant, catering)

*Disclaimer: This promotion is based on the basic 1 day video shoot price of $5.500.  Intrepid Camera has full right to choose any artist/musician based on Intrepid Cameras staffs decision who will receive 1st, who 2nd and who 3rd prize.

Video Production


We rent high quality cinema equipment. Contact us for your special needs. High end glass like Arri Zeiss Ultra Primes, Super Speed primes, or Allura Zooms top the list. We are camera agnostic. Let us know what you need. Arri, Red, Sony?

Delivery Service

Included in the full rental price is our delivery service. Come by our office and do your prep, by all means. But also know that you can reduce hassle by having us drop off and pick-up the gear at your location. Or choose a nice discount instead.

Training and Support

We have many of the newest bits for your camera department. Come spend time with our knowledgeable staff on the house. We teach classes from time to time. Call us and let us know how we can help you grow with us.


Drop by our founder and director blog: sunshinew.com

Rentals & Store

We can provide your team with all the tools you need, or just a specific tool. Call, email, or try our Rental tool. If you don't see it in our catalogue, we can probably still be your one stop shop, call for custom requests!

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